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Another El Santo Halloween Classic: “Samson Vs. Las Mujeres Vampiro”

Tonight, after you get home from whatever Halloween festivities you have lined up, you’ll probably want to relax with a nice scary movie. You could watch “The Exorcist”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, or “The Shining” for the 15th time, or you could try something new. Why not both celebrate the rich heritage of Latino cinema and have spooky good time?

Last week, we told you about “El Santo Vs. Las Momias De Guanajuato“. For tonight, may we suggest “Samson Vs. Las Mujeres Vampiro”. The above video is the movie in its entirety. It is the classic Gothic tale of a silver masked strongman, (played by our hero, El Santo), and his struggle to defeat a coven of deadly vampire chicks. The only thing worse than a vampire, is a female vampire that knows karate. They say there are only five plots in the world: Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man Vs. God, Nature Vs. God, and Masked luchador vs. karate trained vampire women. This movie has all five.

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