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Awesome New Jet Ski Looks Like A Spaceship

What is the most fun you can have in the water without a girl? Jet skiing, that’s what. The only pain in the butt thing about jet skis is that you have to put gas in them, they let off a bunch of exhaust, and are ear bleedingly loud. Well, this awesome new jet ski from French company Exoconcept solves all those problems! It’s called the EXO and it’s electric, so there is no gas or emissions. The engine is super quiet, like a Prius only much cooler and faster. The other awesome thing about it is that you lie down instead of straddling it. Regular jet skis always makes our polongas feel like they are vibrating for hours afterwards. Also, it looks like a friggin’ spaceship or something out of Tron. We wonder if we put neon on the side, would it cause a short circuit?

No word yet on how much it costs, but if you have the means you should get it. And buy us one…or two.

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