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Boiling Water Freezes Into Icy Mist In Place No One Should Live

For those of you down south or out west we would like to congratulate you on not having to put up with, what so far has been, the most huevo shrinking cold winter we can remember. Seriously, it sucks. When you’ve already had to dig your car out 5 times…this year… you know something is wrong.

If you live waaaaaay up north– like in the northwest parts of Canada— you are seriously insane unfortunate. In this video, a woman throws boiling water in the air only to have it instantly freeze into an icy mist. Maybe it’s because we are Latinos from hot ass places but  we wonder: why on Earth would you live in a place where BOILING FRIGGIN’ WATER freezes instantaneously? Think about it. The human body is 70% water and has an internal temperature of 98 degrees. Water boils at 212 Fahrenheit, which is 114 degrees hotter than you are (well, except maybe for Sofia Vergara) and freezes at 30 degrees. It’s simple science people! Living that far north is going to kill you.

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