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Brazil Ad Features He-Man Selling Honda Motorcycles

Using the likeness of famous characters from television, film, comics, etc. to make a profit is not a new thing (case in point: 3 Dev Adam). This practice is more common in foreign countries like Turkey or Brazil given that their copyright laws are pretty lax  (we assume). Still, if you were going to rip off a very famous character, wouldn’t you want to go with someone who’s both modern and relevant? This motorcycle dealership owner (he’s not a businessman, he’s a business, man) in Brazil certainly doesn’t think so. In order to move his radtastic motorcycles, this guy thought it would be a brilliant idea to use none other than He-Man, the Master Of The Universe himself. In this awfulsome commercial He-Man is chasing down the evil Skeletor, who magically summons a lesser quality bike and runs away. Not to be outdone, our hero conjures up a Honda motorcycle (from Mearim Motos of course)and catches his nemesis.

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