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Brazilian Ingenuity: Using Soda Bottles For Light Bulbs

Well this is cool. Brazilians who live in favelas– those shanty-town-like neighborhoods seen on films like Fast Five— have found an innovative way to light their homes and save on electricity: using 2-liter bottles of soda as light bulbs. This impromptu invention is the brainchild of an engineer named Alfredo Moser, who discovered that putting 2-liter bottles  with a solution of water and bleach through his roof illuminated his workshop the same way 50w incandescent bulbs would.  Since his discovery, several favela residents have adapted Moser’s lighting technique to save on their energy bills.

After seeing this, along with the bottle-turned-trumpet, we’re reevaluating the usefulness of an item we tend to throw away.

via Boing Boing

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