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Break And Tu Vez Team Up With Movember

We Hispanics are master moustache growers. From Emiliano Zapata and Jose Marti to Daniel Ortega and Salvador Dali, we’ve rocked the ‘stache for centuries. In the spirit of our moustachioed heritage, we here at Tu Vez and Break are participating in Movember. Prostate and testicular cancer affect one in six men. Chances are you or someone you know has been affected by these jerk-hole diseases. Movember is a movement to bring awareness for prostate and testicular cancer by raising money and growing a moustache. The rules are easy: Join Movember and sign up with Break and Movember, start November 1st clean shaven, grow a luxurious ‘stache, raise funds. Last year, Movember raised 81 million dollars for prostate research!

May we suggest that you also use this time to get in touch with your own Latino moustache history. Grow an Emiliano, a Pancho Villa, or an Antonio Maceo to honor men, history, and testosterone.

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