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Break Original: What Is This Google Plus?

First, all my friends told me I HAD to get on Friendster.Then they said that if I didn’t get on Myspace, I’d be out of the loop completely. Then came Facebook and if I didn’t get on it, I might as well not exist at all. Then invites started going out to Google Plus, yet another damn social networking site. Only this one you can’t join right now unless invited, like a secret society or something. Now I have to learn this stupid thing or else I will cease to exist. Statistics show that we Latinos are heavily hooked into social networking. I even communicate with family in Cuba through Facebook, and they live under a communist dictatorship that limits Internet access. Hmm…I wonder if the Castro brothers got a Google Plus invite from Hugo Chavez?

Our bosses at made this awesome video starring a hot chick singing about learning to maneuver Google Plus to the tune of Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust”.

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