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The Brett Favre Lawsuit CGI’ed

Of course this was bound to happen! Next  Media Animation has once again CGIed the most recent chapter of The Passion Of The Favre. Unless you’ve been living in a vacuum or Duluth, Minnesota (same thing, really), you’re aware of Brett Favre’s recent legal troubles. How could you not? The case of two former New York Jets massage therapists suing Brett Favre for sexual harassment has been played ad nauseam by all the major news outlets. We’re so over that. Still, you can never have too many NMA CGI animations about Favre and his wandering wang. In the latest installment, Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole– the two women in question– storm the TCF Bank Stadium field and throw a lawsuit at him mere seconds after Chicago Bears defensive end Corey Wootton concussed Favre with an amazing tackle. And it gets better. Highlights of the clip include Favre envisioning the masseuses as actual slabs of meat and Favre’s junk being represented by a shooting pistol. Much like herpes, Favre’s troubles are the gift that keep on giving.

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