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Brett Favre “Rise” Spoof Commercial

Brett Favre - Rise - Watch more Sports

It’s official policy here at Tu Vez to make fun of aging quarterback (and known pervert) Brett Favre . Why? Because it’s easy, we hate him, and we think he’s made the last three seasons all about him. Also, any man who gives the finger to a franchise that has adored him and worshipped him for more than fifteen years by joining a hated rival deserves more than just your scorn. That’s why we were more than pleased when we came across this video that spoofs the LeDouche… er, LeBron James “Rise” Nike commercial. The clip, like the original commercial, starts with the athlete asking, “What should I do?” What should you do, Favre? How about you not be a douchebag. Or, if that’s too much to ask, how about you don’t send pictures of your dong to masseuses who aren’t impressed by all your NFL records (including “Most interceptions thrown in a career”). How about you start off with that?

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