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Bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla Gored, Gets Horn Through Face (Graphic)

Last Friday at the Feria del Pilar in Zaragoza, Spain, bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla was gored by a bull. The horn entered the toreador’s jaw right underneath the ear and exited through his left eye socket. The injury occurs at the 4:15 mark, though be warned that it’s pretty gruesome so if the sight of blood makes you feel woozy, skip it.

Padilla is currently in the intensive care unit after having surgery for more than six hours. According to his lawyer, the bullfighter will lose any mobility on the left side of his face and will likely lose sight on the corresponding eye as well.

It’s always terrifying to watch another human being be injured like that. What boggles my mind, however, is that Padilla asked his lawyer not to cancel his upcoming bullfighting engagements. Really, dude? You just lost movement in your face, are half-blind and you still want to go through that? That’s not courageous, no matter what Ernest Hemingway books might say. That’s straight up idiotic. Anyway, I hope you recover and heal up and all that good person crap.

via El Pais

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