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Buy Zombie Parkour Runner Now!

Fact #1: Zombies are a Latino thing. George A. Romero, a Cuban-American and godfather of the modern zombie, created the template for how we think of the walking dead in his seminal 1968 film Night Of The Living Dead.

Fact #2: Parkour is awesome. We’re pretty sure it’s the only reason Luc Besson created the B-13 film series: to give famed parkour artist David Belle a cinematic avenue to do his thing.

Zombie Parkour Runner is the latest iPhone/iPod touch game from Break Media– our overlords. It’s fun, awesome, and best of all, it’s only $0.99 cents at the iTunes App Store. You play as Kara, a parkourist (parkourian?)who looks like she’s straight out of Scott Pilgrim and whose cat was stolen by zombies. Our heroine goes out into the walking dead apocalypse to try to save her cat and killing the zombies with her mad jumping and sliding kills. It’s Zombie Parkour for the whole family!

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