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Carmageddon: The Movie

All religions have stories about the end of the world. For Christians it is the rapture, for the Vikings it is Ragnarok, and for Los Angelinos it is the closing down of the 405 freeway. Most people tell themselves that it will never happen, that it is just a scary bedtime story to frighten children into eating their vegetables or whatever. In LA the 405 is largely unavoidable for going certain places, and congestion on it radiates out to all other freeways. And yet, this weekend the unthinkable will happen: the city is closing down a ten mile stretch of it for road construction. If people before thought that a big earthquake would one day be the end of LA, it could instead be CARMAGEDDON!

Our pals at Break made this hilarious/prophetic video of what a movie about this upcoming hell might look like by editing together a bunch of different disaster movies and an old REM video. If you live in LA, do yourself a favor: stay home this weekend. If it isn’t up the street, you don’t need it.

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