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Cartoon Fails! Care Bears Video

The Eighties were a strange time for cartoons. The same decade that brought you shows about robotic lions, ninja turtles, and cat people fighting mummies also brought you the Care Bears. Now, we were little boys back then and were too busy playing with our Han Solo action figures to mess with Care Bears, but we caught the gist. Apparently, there is this land in the sky where a race of multi-colored teddy bears live. Their mission in life is to force people to be happy and share, through the power of s a set of novelty shaped lasers in their abdomens. So, if you had a bad day at school and you just needed a couple of hours to unwind, these nosey ursine buttinskis would fly down from the sky and force you to be happy. Creepy.

Our bosses at Break created this awesome video of what happens when one Care Bear tries a little too hard with his Care Bear stare.

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