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CBS Gives You A Sneak Preview At ¡Rob!

In an effort to get you excited for ¡Rob!, the eponymous new sitcom based on Rob Schneider’s true story of marrying a Mexican girl, CBS has released this three-minute teaser for the show. In our last post addressing what will likely be an abortion of a television show, I bet all our chips on the fact that the sitcom would be all kinds of terrible. After watching the stereotype-laden clip above (an illegal immigration joke on a a show full of Latinos?! Someone give that guy the MacArthur Foundation genius grant!), I’m going to mortgage our home and double up on our initial bet. Just kidding. In this economy, and with a blogger’s salary, I’m a renter not a homeowner.

This isn’t one of those “crabs in a barrel” scenarios where I hope other Latinos don’t become successful because I myself am not. Far from it. I really do want to see more brown faces on television. We’re severely underrepresented in a medium that we over-consume. But at the cost of caricature?

Hopefully, ¡Rob! will fail. Very few midseason replacement shows actually make it (unless you’re one of these shows, or The Office, or Parks & Recreations), and we’re not convinced that Rob Schneider’s true-to-life sitcom is on par. Then again, it is on CBS, a network mostly watched by old white people who make programs like Two and A Half Men the most popular sitcom on television. In which case:

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