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Charlie’s Live Show: Not Winning

Latino embarrassment Charlie Sheen launched his much anticipated “Violent Torpedo Of Truth” tour. The first show was in Detroit’s famous Fox Theater. In what came as no surprise to anyone that wasn’t the people who bought the tickets, the show was an incoherent turd. Honestly, what did they expect? The guy is nuts and probably high. Would you pay $80 to watch Maxy the Crackhead, the guy that hangs out by the 7-11, do a show? Of course not. In this tiny snippet of the show you can get a sense of how incoherent it is. You can see the disillusioned audience booing Charlie for his rambling. Supposedly, the Chicago show went better. If we can offer a piece of advice, don’t waste your money. Again, Maxy the Crackhead’s show is free.

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