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Chicharito Scores Yet Another WTF Goal

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, this site’s unofficial bromantic interest, scored his team’s only goal (off of six shots, four shots on goal) as Manchester United went on to tie fourth-place Newcastle United this past Saturday at one a piece. The score is the sixth of the season for the Mexican-born player, who has yet to go through a sophomore slump playing in the English Premier League.

The goal came after a Wayne Rooney shot was deflected by defender Steven Taylor. Unfortunately for Newcastle United, the ball ricocheted into Chicharito, whose body diverted the ball in the right direction. This isn’t the first time that Chicharito has scored by using his body unexpectedly. In one of his first appearances for the Red Devils, Hernandez tallied a goal after his shot sent the ball directly into his face, which then diverted the ball in for the score. You can watch that hilarious video here.


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