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Chip Torres: Te Voy A Dar Un Byte

It’s hard to run a small business, especially in this economy. Latin America is no exception. If you’ve ever visited a market south of the border, you’ve noticed that there are usually fifty or so stalls that are all selling exactly the same stuff. The technology shops seem particularly vulnerable. They all sell the same off-brand electrical gear, stuff like the Nientiendo Sii or YBOX 350. And pagers, lots of pagers. Who the heck still uses a pager?  We can’t figure out how they stay afloat. It’s not like they advertise…

Unless, of course, you’re Chip Torres,the proprietor of one of these electronic stalls. Chip might not have a big advertising budget– or any at all– but the dude knows how to create free publicity, as evidenced by the video above.

Sure, it’s easy to make fun of him. Real easy. But that is missing the beauty of his bizarre advertising campaign. Why is he dancing in front of fairy women or running around a Pac-Man game? How is talking about egg sandwiches going to sell a pager to anyone not living in 1991? That is the subtle genius of Chip Torres. The word play is astounding. See, he’s using a computer byte as a pun for bite. Amazing! I would totally go to this guy’s stall after seeing his video.

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