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Christmas 2010 Video Countdown: Kid Hates Books For Christmas

We’re 3 days away from the bestest holiday of the year: Christmas. As a result, we’ll be posting a Christmas-related video from now until the 25th. A lot of people rag on America for our low educational stats and avid anti-intellectualism. While this is definitely a valid criticism, we can’t say we disagree with the kid in this video who is pissed off because he got books for Christmas. This kid obviously isn’t a reader so why bother wasting paper on a book he isn’t going to read? It was probably an attempt by his parents to offset the effects of the Wii that can be seen to his right, but seriously we know that little Jr. isn’t going to put down his Wiimote to read Green Eggs and Ham. Some people just aren’t meant to go to college and that’s OK. Parents have to learn to adjust their expectations.

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