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Claymation Danny Trejo Is More Badass Than You

Danny Trejo just might be the baddest badass in the history of badassery. His turn as a dangerous Mexican criminal in every movie that needed one for the last 20 years has made him an icon. We know for a fact that people in the film biz will often call casting directors looking for a “Danny Trejo-type”. Unfortunately, there is only one of him to go around. Plus, a lot of people can’t afford to pay the hefty price for an actor of his caliber. Still, that doesn’t stop people from banking on the Trejo name. A perfect example is the people over at Lipton Brisk. They figured that they’ll make a Danny Trejo out of clay and animate him. That way, they only have to pay him for his voice work. In these hard times we’ll take Danny in whatever form we can get him.

Warning: Spoiler Alert! The commercial tells the entire plot to Trejo’s movie Machete (out on DVD this Tuesday).

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