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Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Fans The Middle Finger

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo– a man who claimed people hate him because he’s too good looking– didn’t take too kindly to the jeers of Racing Santander fans when his team landed at Santander Airport. The footballing pretty boy, rocking what can only be described as a school boy’s outfit (backpack on with two straps, baseball cap, etc.), responded by flipping the middle finger. He later went on to say that it was meant for his teammate Pepe.

Of course, the press are making a bigger deal of this than it really is. Even if Cristiano Ronaldo did direct his precious middle finger at the fans, who cares? It’s not like he’s sleeping with grandmothers (ahem, Wayne Rooney), or cheating on his wife (ahem, every footballer out there).


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