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Danny Trejo Stars In “Badass”, A Movie Based On An Internet Meme

We love Danny Trejo. There have been very few people in history that have kicked more ass than Danny. When racists close their eyes at night, it is Danny Trejo they see crossing the border. We also like videos of people fighting on the Internet. Next to videos of chicks and animals, fighting videos are our favorites. One of the most famous is “Epic Beard Man“. In it, a buff elderly man with a Santa beard kicks the crap out of a dude on a bus in Oakland. Pretty badass. The old guy, Thomas Bruso, inspired a documentary called “I Am A M@therf#(<er“. Now, it’s Danny Trejo’s turn to pay tribute to this American hero.

The movie is called “Badass” and it looks…well…badass. It stars Danny Trejo as Frank Vega, a Thomas Bruso-like character. The film takes the Internet meme and turns it into a complex plot in which the “Epic Beard Man” has to avenge the death of his friend Klondike. We hope Danny Trejo stars in all movies based on Internet memes. Look for “Chocolate Rain of Blood!”, Summer 2012.

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