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Debbie Gibson And Tiffany Fight In Mega Python vs. Gatoroid!

It’s award season in Hollywood and all the nominations are in. While it’s too early to speculate about what films will be next year’s winners, we’re pretty confident that one movie in particularly will run away with the Emmy for best television movie. We are, of course, talking about Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

This Syfy original movie stars the dynamic duo of 80s pop chicks Tiffany and Debbie..err…Deborah Gibson. in the movie,  Deborah plays a singer and extreme animal rights activist who breaks into a pet store, steals some large pythons, and releases them in the Florida everglades. The snakes grow huge and start killing off all the alligators in the swamps. As a result, Tiffany, a park ranger in a tight shirt, injects the remaining alligators with growth hormons so that they can fight back. In this Roger Corman-like flick (amazingly, he’s not involved with the project), what could possibly go wrong? Dum! Dum! Dum!

In this video, we see some takes of Tiffany and Gibson fighting. If you are of a certain age, this is your middle school fantasy come true! The movie premieres on Syfy January 29th (that’s this Saturday!) at 9pm EST.

Via Syfy

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