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Doc Brown Has Gone Back To…Argentina?

Our white American friends like to make fun of the commercials on Spanish language TV. We can’t say as they don’t have a point. They are usually really low budget and just plain weird. Do you remember the Pepto Bismol campaign from a few years ago where a scary old man puppet would tell people to drink Pepto Bismol to get rid of diarrhea? You look at some of the commercials on Spanish language TV and you realize why people don’t take us seriously.

Now this ad for the Argentine electronics store Garbarino does it right. Basically, Doc Brown shows up in the Delorean so he can go shopping at Garbarino. And it’s not some goofy Argentine actor in a mask, but Christopher Lloyd himself playing Doc Brown. Not only are the referencing one of the greatest films of all time, but it actually looks like they put some effort into it. Great scott!

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