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Donkey Parallel Parking 101

If you are like most people, you cannot parallel park to save your nalga. Seriously, walk around and see how many people have parked either 15 feet from the curb or at a 45 degree angle. It’s hard, isn’t it? Now imagine parallel parking with a donkey. Frankly, the fact that people had to park their horses and donkey carts back in the day never even entered our puny little brains. We just assumed that they would ride up to the general store and tie them to the hitching post. Then again, that could have just been the old time equivalent of a nice big parking lot at the CVS. Imagine having to unload your sugarcane at the mill but two other dudes are parked in front of the mill doors. Would you park your cart over by the stream of dirty runoff water and carry your caña over? No way, Jose! You are going to train Jaime el Burrito to parallel park!

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