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Dream Act Supporters To Walk Across The Country

Undocumented students, and those that support them, have begun on a cross country trek for the Dream Act. The kids are walking from San Francisco to Washington D.C. That’s 3000 miles, people! I whine if I have to walk an extra block to find a bagel shop. The Dream Act would allow undocumented students the stay in the country to go to school. Lot’s of anti-immigration politicians have denounced the Dream Act as a cynical ploy for these undocumented immigrants to stay. Jerks.

How long will the journey take? Until OCTOBER. That’s dedication. But then again, it’s their future. Immigrants have come to this country for centuries looking for a better life, my family included. My mom crossed the border illegally in 1969, but later was able to become a citizen. She went to college and gave me a good life and education. That is the American dream. Crucially, that is the most important part of the whole Dream Act. If people can no longer come to this country and make a better life for themselves, then the American dream is truly dead. Then what good are we? Our awesome Jersey based TV shows and Nascar? Give me a break. So, my hats off to you Dream Act walkers. I’ll send you guys some gel insoles.

Via Fox News Latino.

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