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Dude Sells Champions League Finals Tickets For Twenty Euros

On May 28th, 20011 Manchester United and Barcelona will play for the UEFA Champions League trophy. Obviously, tickets for the final match–to be held in London’s Wembley Stadium– are a hot commodity. We did a quick search online to see how much scalpers were selling them for, and we didn’t find anything under the one thousand euro mark (a euro, by the way– for you uncultured Philistines– is worth approximately $1.40).

But what if someone offered you a pair of tickets for 10 euros? The obvious answer is, “Are you insane? Tickets to the most anticipated soccer match of the year for 10 euros each? Where the hell do I sign up?” Of course, that’s not what ended up happening. In this clip– part of European automaker Opel’s viral campaign– a scalper finds it extremely hard to sell two very legit tickets for the match.

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