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Edward James Olmos Is So Latino

Whenever we are writing about Latinos in movies, we can’t seem to escape the presence of Edward James Olmos. EJO is omnipresent. Since we first saw him as the gruff lieutenant in Miami Vice, his pockmarked face has been in every Latino movie ever. OK, Maybe not every Latino movie, but it feels that way. Don’t get us wrong, we think he’s the bee’s knees. Personally, we’d like to see him do different kinds of roles. Instead of playing the gruff badass, he could be the lovable grandpa or the sensitive rom-com leading man. He could star opposite Jennifer Garner or Katherine Heigel or something. If our girlfriends made us go see that, at least we’d get to see Eddy Olmos.  In this video EJO explains just how Latino he is, «I’m the reason they invented the color brown.»

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