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Fido Sings The Blues

Dogs have been man’s best friends ever since the Flying Spaghetti Monster created this planet after a night of heavy drinking. Despited all this, we’ve never developed similar tastes in things. For example, dogs don’t appreciate sushi and humans (most humans anyway) consider it neither polite nor pleasant to sniff some one’s butt upon meeting them.

That seems to be the case with the canine in this video. To us, it’s a cute video of a dog hitting the keyboard and then howling. But the song sucks. Discordant atonal notes and howling that doesn’t match any time signature at all make it less than sonorous to us. To  canine ears, he might be the John Lennon or Mozart of dogs singing a song about that bitch who tore apart his heart like an old squeeze toy that got left out in the sun too long. Maybe he could play backup for merengue dog?

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