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George Lopez Makes A Fool Of Himself On Conan’s Show

(Not so) Funny man George Lopez made an appearance on Conan to show his new TBS co-worker some moral support and to… propagate racial stereotypes about Latinos? In the seven minute long segment, Lopez made a joke about Hispanics having large families, fitting a lot of people into one car, stealing cable, and Guatemalans. Surprisingly, however, he didn’t mention anything about having to swim over the river so we guess that’s good. We felt pretty bad for Conan. You could tell that Conan and Andy Richter were all kinds of uncomfortable.

Watching the interview made us wonder: are all Latino comedians forced to sell out their heritage/ethnicity in order to be considered funny? Seriously. Who are the most famous Hispanic comedians? George Lopez and Carlos Mencia. What kind of jokes do they make? Jokes about “beaners” and “wetbacks.” Well, at least Lopez does. Everyone knows Mencia steals other comedians’ jokes.What the hell, America? The thing about Latinos is that we’re just like you only, you know, browner. Even then, some of us have lighter pigmentation on our skin. We’re not homogeneous. Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Dominicans, and Cubans are all different.

We here at Tu Vez would like to make a proposition to the producers of George Lopez tonight. Let us write for you. Give us an opportunity to write some funny content that doesn’t denigrate Hispanics. You see that right there, fellas? That’s us throwing a red challenge flag.

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