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LOL Clip Of The Day: George Lopez & Jack In The Box

It seems almost hypocritical to post a George Lopez video in which we praise his comedy on the same day we blast the dude for perpetuating negative stereotypes about Latinos in his talk show. Truth of the matter is dude’s funny, or at least he was at some point. Much like Jay Leno (a former comedian’s comedian)– someone who, coincidentally, George had a feud with– G. Lo sold us out to make a buck. We don’t begrudge him his success, just the way he went about in getting it. Still, it’s hard to deny Lopez’s showmanship and somewhat comedic chops.

For that reason, today’s comical selection is a bit from Lopez’s stand-up entitled “Jack In The Box” (from his “Team Leader” comedy special). We’d be liars if we said that this joke still didn’t make us laugh. Say what you want about George Lopez– and we’ve said a lot on the guy– but this is straight up great observational humor. Not to get personal but “Jack In The Box” resonates with us. When we were kids, our mom worked at a fast food joint. Despite being a legal resident (our dad is an American citizen), she didn’t speak any English. Her lacking linguistic skills aside, bills needed to be paid, and so she worked a job that just about everyone can get.

We don’t see this joke as Lopez poking fun of those fast food workers who don’t speak English. To us, it’s a nod– a show of respect– to those who brave and get past the language barrier to make a living.

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