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Gunfire Interrupts Soccer Match Between Santos Laguna And Morelia

Well this is straight up screwed: a match between Santos Laguna and Morelia this past Saturday ended early after gunfire erupted outside the Torreon stadium.

As you can see in the video above, the two teams were disputing their Primera Division week six match before loud, thunderous noises caused everyone on the pitch to run for cover (including a line man who, in somewhat, hilarious fashion, was trailing everyone else). The few fans who attended the match did what best they could and hid under the bleachers.

The likely culprits are local drug cartels, who opened fire on municipal police close to the stadium. No one was killed, although one policeman was injured in the shootout. Torreon, Coahuila has been a hotbed for cartel violence (specifically between the Zeta and Sinaloa cartels) due largely to its proximity to the United States border. So intense is the violence in the region that, according to CNN International, local police found ten mutilated bodies inside a vehicle last month.

We’re fully aware that Tu Vez is a sports and entertainment site with a comical/tongue-in-cheek spin to what we cover, but we’d felt that tone would be inappropriate for this. The fear of drug-related violence is becoming part of the larger Latin American psyche, so much so that it’s seeping into those things (like soccer, for instance) that we do to distract ourselves from the reality of the situation. For that reason, it’s important that we cover it, and do so in the appropriate fashion. We promise that the sophomoric humor isn’t going anywhere. It’s just that there are times to be goofballs, and times to be serious. This situation is the latter.

via CNN International

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