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Guy Does 30 Dead On Impressions Of Celebs Reciting Shakespeare

Impressionists are usually pretty lame. They turn their backs to the audience, and then whip around to “reveal” the stupid face they are making, that is supposed to resemble the person they are impersonating. Then they usually go into some stupid scenario. “This is Robert De Niro buying fish sticks at the super market.” Usually, the impressions aren’t even that well done. Very few people can actually “do” William Shatner. Everyone imitates Kevin Pollack imitating William Shatner, “Where…are…you…Spooooockk?” blech.

That’s what’s so cool about this video starring Jim Meskimen. Not only does he really sound like the people he’s imitating, he does 30 of them perfectly. All while reciting Clarence’s speech from Willy Shakespeare’s “Richard III”. Anyone who can do both Droopy Dog and Morgan Freeman is pretty talented.

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