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Halloween Classic: El Santo Y Las Momias De Guanajuato

If you are a regular Tu Vez reader, (and we know you are), you know we love El Santo. This star of both ring and film is one of our heroes. El Santo made several films in which he fought evil by beating the crap out of monsters. Werewolves, vampires, aliens, and mad scientists were no match for the silver masked wrestler.

One of his most famous films was “El Santo Y Las Momias De Guanajuato”. His films were low budget, so the filmmakers saved some money by using real mummies. In Guanajuato, there was a grave tax from 1865-1958. If you couldn’t pay the tax, they’d dig up Uncle Pedro and put him on display. Because of Guanajuato’s arid climate, people turned into mummies…horrible creepy mummies. In this video, you can see El Santo and Blue Demon battling guys in mummy suits with the real mummies used as props.

Via Atlas Obscura.

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