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Happy Birthday To «Plaza Sesamo’s» Abelardo Montoya!

We here at Tu Vez want to wish a happy birthday to one of Latin America’s biggest stars. He has been entertaining millions of us since 1973, though he’s little known here in the States. We’re talking about Abelardo Montoya, the green parrot creature that is the Big Bird on «Plaza Sesamo». In reality, he is Big Bird’s younger cousin who lives south of the border. For many of us who spent our formative early years in Latin America, Abelardo was our Big Bird. I spent my toddler years in Mexico and I learned my ABC’s from Abelardo and friends. So, in a way I couldn’t have my job as a writer for Tu Vez without Abelardo’s teachings. Thanks, dude!

How old is he? Well, a star never likes to tell his real age. He claims he’s four. We all know that isn’t true, but let’s just go with it.

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