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Hearts Fan Attacks Celtic’s Manager Neil Lennon

Passions tend to run high at soccer matches. Add to that a combination of alcohol and being Scottish, and you have a brawl waiting to happen. This was exactly the case yesterday at a match between Celtic and Heart of Midlothian when a Hearts fan ran on to the pitch and tried to punch Celtic manager Neil Lennon in the head. The incident comes after several death threats had been made against Lennon by other crazed fans. So, naturally, Lennon was put off by the attack. With these incidents of intimidation, one would think that Neil Lennon would walk away from the game and all the insane Scottish soccer fans. We wouldn’t blame him. If Braveheart taught us anything, it’s that a pissed off Scotsman is a dangerous thing.

A few thoughts: Why is the video from such a wide angle? We realize they are trying t cover the game, but isn’t there a camera on the Celtic side that could get a close-up? Was the cameraman not paying attention? Also, why is the attacker wearing a Yankees cap? If he is so passionate about the Hearts that he’s willing to commit a felony assault, why isn’t he wearing Hearts’ gear? Is he just disgruntled because no one told him goatees went out in 1998?

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