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Hugo Chavez Claims Capitalism Killed Life On Mars

In today’s episode of Sh*t Crazy Latin American Leaders Say, Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela claims that life on Mars likely became extinct because of capitalism. We’re going to let you chew on that big bite of crazy  for a second. This loon–who is in charge of an entire country!– is stating that any life that could have existed on Mars was destroyed by capitalistic greed. His explanation: scientists found small pockets of water in a Martian desert, which means that at one point (in Chavez-ian logic, of course) there was plenty of water. However, some enterprising and capitalist alien decided to exploit the planet’s natural resources for his/her own benefit. The end result? A barren and deserted Mars. We swear, we’re not making any of this up. Just watch the (Spanish only) video above and see for yourself.

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