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Hugo Chavez Thinks Domino’s Pizza Is Evil

We don’t think it’s too political for us to say that Hugo Chavez is crazy. It’s like saying the sky is blue or Willie Nelson probably smells like BO and weed. This is a man who forces his pet parrot Simon Bolivar to wear a matching red beret to his. A sane person doesn’t do that. He’s made some pretty weird statements over the years, like saying golf is evil and Coke Zero is a yanqui imperialist plot. But his problem with Domino’s Pizza is particularly strange.

He has railed before against American fast food chains because they are unhealthy. There is no arguing that fast food is definitely not good for you. But his reasons for not liking Domino’s is just bizarre. A recently released Wikileaks article revealed that Chavez  “explained that in the case of Domino’s, ‘two for one Tuesdays’ discriminated against persons … who would like to eat pizza on the other days of the week.”

Discriminating against people who want pizza on days other than Tuesday? What?

So, naturally someone took a video of ol’ Hugo calling and threatening a bank and spliced in audio of him calling a Domino’s Pizza. Hilarity ensues!


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