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In Soccer, Sometimes The Refs Dive Too

Too often we have to defend the beautiful sport of soccer to our less enlightened friends. The most popular arguments against it are as follows: it’s not as tough/physical as other sports, nothing ever happens, it’s boring, etc. These fallacious reasons are always easy to prove wrong. The one item that we’ve never been able to defend, however, is diving. It’s out of control!

Just how bad is it? Bad to the point where even the refs are falling to the floor and grasping their heads like an Italian footballer at a World Cup match. That’s what happened at a Brazilian D league match between Operario PR and Mirassol. The referee, Nunes de Sá issued a red card to Operario player George. The footballer disagreed with de Sá’s decision and proceeded to get up in his grill. The ref’s reaction? Falling to the floor. Just disgraceful.

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