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It’s A Rube Goldberg Valentine’s Day

When I was a kid, I imagined my entire house would be operated via a series of giant Rube Goldberg devices. You know, those complicated machines built to do mundane tasks. Think of something Tom would build to capture Jerry or how Pee Wee Herman makes breakfast. They were named after artist/inventor Rube Goldberg who drew funny cartoons of such devices at the turn of the last century. Rube Goldberg means “weird machine” in Hebrew, (no, it doesn’t).

I also thought that I would be smoother with the ladies. Both of these dreams sadly never came true. “But surely, using a bowling ball, four yards of lumber, a sock and candle in order to turn on a light isn’t the sort of thing that girls like.” Or really? In this awesome video, a young man sets the mood for the climax of his Valentine’s date with a little help from old Rube.

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