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Jenni Rivera Pours Beer On Fan At Concert

Jenni Rivera, the controversial, annoying, outrageous, and widely popular banda singer poured a can of beer on a fan attending her concert in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. According to Rivera, the fan threw the beer can on stage. She, not one to let a slight go unanswered, had security bring the fan on stage where she could publicly berate her and pour the beer on the girl’s head. When the girl tried to defend herself, the security detail detained her, giving Jenni a chance to pull on the girl’s hair.

Obviously, this is the opposite of gracious behavior from Jenni. Then again, we are talking about a chick who’s as famous for her sex tape (poor quality, by the way) as she is for her terrible music. Jenni is klassy with a k. What’s worse is that there are a crapload of people who enable her by going to her concerts, buying her music, and giving attention to her. If you’re part of the latter, you should be banned from ever breeding.

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