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Jenni Rivera’s Brother Juan Beats Up Fan At Her Show

Mere days after the eternally-klassy Jenni Rivera poured out a can of beer on a fan, her brother Juan Rivera one ups her and beats the living crap out of a fan at a show in Abasolo, Guanajuato. The video footage above, taken from the Mexican gossip show Ventaneando, shows Juan yanking a fan on to the stage, attacks him, throws him to the floor, and then unleashes a flurry of vicious punches on the helpless fan. Naturally, the security detail, much like in the first incident, stand around and do nothing.

If you’re following what the commentators are saying, Jenni allegedly ordered her brother to beat down the fan because– surprise surprise!– he threw a can of beer at her feet. According to the gossipers, prior to the assault, Jenni told the audience that “the real show is about to begin.” Then again, it’s these guys’ job to be as sensationalist as possible and given that there was no audio with the video, it could be a straight up fabrication.

What’s not a fabrication is that the Rivera family are a bunch of thugs. Case in point: Juan Rivera dressed up as a Narco boss at a cd release show. Keep in mind that this was during the height of the Narco violence afflicting Mexico:

But of course, idiots like these will always have their equally idiotic supporters who will defend their actions with very faulty logic, sometimes in our very own comment section.

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