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Kids Pulls The Old Murdered Child Prank On Teacher

I was a serious pain in the butt when I was a kid, especially at school. I was incredibly disruptive in class. Some said it was because I was bored and wasn’t being challenged. I think it was because I enjoyed watching the teacher’s face turn red. I used to pull pranks on my teachers all the time. I once chained myself to my desk in protest about a pop quiz. On another occasion, my friends and I stuck her lesson plan and attendance book to the ceiling. When I grew up and taught theater in elementary and junior high, karma kicked my in the sack for all the trouble I had caused my teachers. In all my misadventures, I never had the diabolical genius of the kids in this video.

They fake that one of them has been killed in a classroom accident. The teacher understandably freaks out. Like, a lot. She could get blamed and lose her job or get sued. Who would come up with faking a murder as a childhood prank? Maybe it’s because they are German…

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