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Kim Jong-Il’s Propaganda Monster Masterpiece “Pulgasari”

When Kim Jong-Il died last week there was a lot of talk about his legacy. He ruled North Korea for 17 years with an iron fist, all the while being 100% baby-eating crazy. The stories of his bizarre behavior are legendary. While no one in international politics is going to miss him, I’m going to miss him as the great film producer he was. Kimmi Kimchi, (as no one called him), was a huge cinema buff. He took absolute control of the North Korean film industry as a young man and turned it into a huge propaganda machine. In 1978, in an effort to improve the quality of North Korean films, he kidnapped respected South Korean director Shin Sang Ok and forced him to make movies for 8 years.

One of the best (worst) films they made together was “Pulgasari”. It’s like Godzilla, except with an undercurrent statement about the evils of capitalism or something. Really, it’s just a wonderfully goofy movie about a guy in a rubber dinosaur suit destroying medieval Korea. Enjoy.

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