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Knights Templar Drug Cartel?

The Knights Templar were a medieval order of Christian knights that operated during the crusades. Their job was to protect pilgrims on the way to Jerusalem by killing lots of Muslims. Soon after, they became Europe’s first banking corporation, amassing millions of dollars in gold and land. The king of France and the Pope later suppressed and killed them to steal their gold. They were also deep in debt to the Templars. Imagine killing your loan officer to get out of paying your mortgage. In the centuries since their deaths, every yahoo and cult have claimed to be descended from the Knights. Even Dan Brown’s bestselling “The Da Vinci Code” claims they protected Mary Magdalene’s corpse or whatever.

The latest, and possibly weirdest, of the order incarnation is in Mexico. It’s a drug cartel that call themselves the Knights Templar. They dress like Templars and live by a strict code of ethics…except for, you know, all the murder and drug trafficking. They make their money selling meth. The Mexican government recently learned more about the cartel after they caught one of their chiefs. Saul Solis Solis, a Knight so bad they named him twice, was one of the underlings of the unknown head of the cartel. We aren’t historians, but we’re pretty sure the original Templars didn’t cook a lethal drug.

Via Fox News Latino.

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