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LA Noire’s Detective Cole Phelps Is Terrible At His Job

If you haven’t played Rockstar Games’ LA Noire, well… hell, we don’t know what to tell you. You should probably just shoot yourself in the face right now and put an end to your pathetic life. Better yet, go out and buy the game. Seriously. It’s totally worth it.

Before you do that, however, check out the above mash-up video put together by our friends over at Game Front. We’re not spoiling the game for you when we say that Detective Cole Phelps– the main character of the game–is very good at his job, or that the overall tone of the game is serious and somber. It wouldn’t be an appropriate film noir tribute if the game wasn’t heavy. Game Front’s video is a clever and funny way to add some levity to a serious and badass game.

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