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Lady Gaga + X-Men = Parody “Born This Way” Video

They say God makes no mistakes, or at least that’s what Lady Gaga says. We disagree. Have you seen a platypus? What was he thinking when he made that thing? Was it just built from spare parts, like the leftover screws and wooden pegs when you put together your Ikea furniture? How do you explain Carlos Mencia? Surely the Lord did not create such an abomination.

Regardless, it’s important to be tolerant. This is especially true of mutants with powers that can kill you. The new film X-Men: First Class explores these topics. We see the origins of the original X-Men and the friendship and subsequent rivalry between Magneto and Professor X. The guy in this video,Ryan, wrote a parody song inspired by the film in which he uses Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” as an anthem for mutant tolerance. And he does it dressed like Magneto!

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