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Larissa Riquelme Does Her Thing On “Bailando Por Un Sueño”

Mere days after model Rocio Guirao Diaz on Argentina’s Bailando Por Un Sueño, World Cup girlfriend and known exhibitionist Larissa Riquelme appeared on the very same show to further her career by wearing as little clothing as possible. The above video perfectly embodies everything about Spanish-language television: a half-naked girl dancing suggestively, an ostentatiously dressed host, an even more absurdly clothed judging panel, and, of course, reggaeton.

Part of us wants to say that Latin American television is such a joke, but who are we kidding? It’s almost hypocritical to blast programs like Bailando Por Un Sueño because at the end of the day, we like to stare at half naked ladies as much as the next guy. So, while we work out our own issues out, go ahead and slobber all over your keyboards as you watch Larissa shake her moneymaker.

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