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“Las Desventuras De Telesa” Makes Us Feel Weird

We’ve written before of the agony and ecstasy that is Spanish language TV. Telenovelas are crushing American soaps in the ratings, the Spanish channels are the go to for soccer coverage, and they show more gratuitous boobies than any other channel. Still, sometimes we question some of their programming decisions. A couple of years ago, Univision came out with a talent show for children called “Pequeños Gigantes”. Who doesn’t enjoy watching children’s dreams get crushed? That’s just good TV. Univision then did a spin-off variety program called “El Gran Show De Los Peques”. Seeing little kids do sketches and sing isn’t a bad idea…

But should they really be doing a spoof of “Teresa”? If you haven’t seen “Teresa”, it was a novela that was on Univision recently about an beautiful evil girl who will stop at nothing to get rich. We aren’t the kind of people that want to shelter kids from life’s harsh realities, but come on Univision. “Teresa” is about a conniving slutbag with weird teeth. It makes us a little uncomfortable to see a child acting like the aforementioned slutbag. Add to that children playing with live rats and you have this clip from “Las Desventuras De Telesa”.

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