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Why We Love Latin American Television: Lingerie For Housewives

Welcome to our new segment called “Why We Love Latin American Television,” in which we post a video from one of the major Latin American networks highlighting exactly why we love Spanish language programming.

In today’s segment, we take a look at a report Despierta America did on a company that handmakes lingerie women can wear while they do their housework (Kitchen Threadz). For those of you who are unfamiliar, Despierta America is a morning television show on Univision that airs on an ungodly hour. It’s the Spanish equivalent to The Today Show or any other craptastic television show anchored by douchenozzles who are way too chipper to not be hopped up on uppers. Which makes us wonder: why in the hell is a morning show airing a segment on lingerie that early in the morning?!

Seriously, who do they think is watching? What’s the audience demographic they’re going after? The only people who would be fascinated by that segment is guys 18-34 (you, the reader). Hey, Univision. You know what those fellas are doing at that time of the day? SLEEPING LIKE DAMN REGULAR PERSON!

Then again, we could have it all wrong. Maybe the producer who decided to greenlight this piece was really aiming for middle aged Latina housewives. Perhaps they thought they were doing a service to all the señoras up at 7am with curlers in their hairs packing lunches for their bazillion kids. If that’s the case, then we applaud their misguided efforts. Why are they misguided? Because Spanish language networks want to make you think that all middle aged hispanic woman look like Sofia Vergara:

When in reality, the majority of them look like this (no offense, Judge Sonia Sotomayor):

Don’t get us wrong. We love the fact that Despierta America decided to run this segment and that Univision uploaded it to YouTube. Hell, we’ve seen this video well over 30 times (29 of them on mute) before we wrote this. That, however, doesn’t mean it makes a whole lot of sense.

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