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LeBron James Scared Of High Diving

You know it’s a slow sports day (after all, we’re in the dog days of sports) when a video of LeBron James— one of the most vilified figures in sports (and justly so, in our opinion)– jumping off a high dive board is blog fodder. But here we are, covering this man-child athlete we can’t stand because… well, because there’s very little to write about.

The video above shows LeBron James taking his talents to a Nike event in Barcelona (we probably got a press release about it that ended up unopened in our junk folder) that apparently required the Miami Heat player to high dive into a pool. James hesitates for three minutes before finally jumping in.

We have to hand it to you, LeDouche. You got over your fear of choking (on water) and did what needed to be done.

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